Vlasina Lake


In Leskovac’s commune there are many places to visit.

Kukavica is placed near Vucje, between two rivers, South Morava and Veternica. The highest peak is Vlaina, 1442m high. Kukvica is an ideal place for sport activities, country tourism or mountaineering.

There is also Vlasina Lake, which is situated 75 km from Leskovac. It’s a popular tourist destination because of its climate, wild animals, fish, and beautiful position. The most popular sports on Vlasina Lake are fishing, swimming, boats shipping and many other things.

Pasina cesma is the most visited picnic place. It’s situated 10km from Leskovac. Attractive sports are football, basketball, tennis etc. There is also a playground for kids.

Sijarinska spa is moved 52km from Leskovac. Spa has mineral H2O, mineral spring…