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Denis napast

Aleksandra Radosavljevic






Denis Napast is a young rock group from Leskovac. The group was formed around the talented guitarist Denis Savic and a singer Miljan. They quickly gathered audience playing in Leskovac cafes. Since they were formed they had more than 400 club gigs and 5 big concerts in more than 20 cities around Serbia. The future is ahead of them.

Aleksandra Radosavljević is 18 year old. When she was 15 she entered the first season of Serbian Idol and ended as a runner up. During the competition the whole town was cheering for her. She made her own songs and has also made one spot. I think that she will be very famous one day…

Amadeus’s first very famous song was “Kupi me”. With it they were enter into a festival called “Suncane skale” in Herceg Novi. There’s something very interested about them. Three of five musicians are called Bojan.

Ljubiša Stojanović “Louis” is a popular Serbian singer, born in Leskovac. He is known for his unique image and musical style and has been in the music business since 1970. His stage name Louis originated from when he was nine and successfully performed Louis Armstrong's songs. He was among the first to combine jazz with Serbia's folklore.
Together with the Serbian band Flamingosi, he won the Beovizija 2006 festival, qualifying for the 2006 Evropesma. He is also a winner of many other prizes.

L2K is a young hip-hop group from Leskovac. They make their music alone and have yet to publish a studio album. Despite this, they are already famous among the local hip-hop scene. Together with the “Resource Center”, they have organized a hip-hop festival in Leskovac called “Waking Up”, and got the most famous Hip-Hop names in Serbia to participate. They have their hip-hop show on the main local radio.


Many actors who started their careers in Leskovac’s theater become famous in Serbia. Some of them are Milan Vasić, Sloboda Mićalović, Bogoljub Mitić-Đoša, Predrag Stoiljković’ Pepi, Maja Jovanović etc. Milan Vasić has played in soap operas “Konji Vrani” and “Ono naše nekad bejaše”. He has also played in many theaters shows. He is so cute, girls adore him! Sloboda Mićalović played in a movie “Zona Zanfirova“and in a soap opera “Mešovit brak“. Đoša and Pepi become famous with soap opera „Porodično blago“. Since that, they have played in many films and the other soap operas.