Nightlife in Leskovac

Van Gogh in Garage

Summer night


Nightlife in Leskovac is, also, very developed. There are a lot of discos, cafés, bars or restaurants. The most attractive and the most visited discos are ABC, Garage, Vinus and Etaz, placed in the very centre of the city. At these places you can enjoy in loud music, big space for dancing, a lot of fun, flashlights, and, in one word, the best time in the whole of south Serbia. There are also some nice places where you can eat the best food. If you’re hungry, you should visit ABC or the Prince Restaurant. We’re sure that you will enjoy your meal! The most popular cafes among the young people are the Centre, Ship, Picasso, ABC Hole, etc. Some of the citizens prefer to ‘chill out’ in the park, by the river, on the fair, near Grammar school or behind the museum with their friends. Some of these young people are not very polite and they are ruing public buildings.