Culture and Art

Reading room




Library “Radoje Domanovic” is placed in the very center of the city. It was opened in 1869. In 1879. the reading room was build.

There are four museums: City house, Museum of textile art in Stajkovce, Monument Kosta Stamenkovic’s house and an archeology site named The Queen’s city. In the city, there are the old museum and National museum which was built in 1948.

Theater was opened in 1896. First show was called “Boj Kosovski”. Many actors who are famous today started in Leskovac’s theater

Primary and secondary schools
There are eleven primary schools, three of which are for special activities.
There are 8 secondary schools. One of the oldest schools is Grammar school. The Grammar school was opened on 14.06.1879. School’s day is on the 28th of October.